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Introduction to Spanish

Introduce students to grammar, vocabulary, culture, and conversation



Pamela Donahoo


Class size:

minimum 8, maximum 16


Additional fees:

$10/year materials & copies


Class time: (Meets once/week)

(Tues-1) 8:45-10:05   

(Wed-2) 10:10-11:30


Pre-requisites for class:



Graduation requirement:


  • Course Description

This class is designed to give younger students an introduction to Spanish and prepare them for a more formal course for high school credit.  


The introductory Spanish class gives students a taste of formal language instruction. Through games, stories, songs, and creating posters for presentations, students will develop an interest in taking on a second language! 

This class is highly interactive and will focus on giving your student as much practice as possible both speaking and listening to the language in an age-appropriate setting for middle school students.

  • Required Books & Materials

Instructor will provide access to the online curriculum with videos, google slides, etc., as well as printed student handouts.

  • 1 college ruled notebook (must be able to fit an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper)

  • Pen/pencil

  • Colored pencils

  • Classwork / Homework

There is no required homework for this course. Visual and audio resources will be provided as optional at-home reinforcement.

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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