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About our EPIC Vendors

Some of our teachers are approved EPIC Vendors for instruction and tutoring services.  It is up to parents to verify with the EPIC teacher of record whether or not our courses satisfy the EPIC curriculum requirements.  Please discuss any additional correspondence that may be necessary with your Classroom Collective teacher before completing your enrollment.


The Classroom Collective will not facilitate the transactions between approved EPIC Vendor teachers and EPIC students. EPIC students may contract independently with EPIC Vendors. EPIC Learning Funds will be billed by the teacher, and paid directly to the teacher. This will not be part of your regular monthly tuition paid to The Classroom Collective.  EPIC Learning Funds cannot be used for registration, materials fees, late fees, study hall fees, lab fees, or August tuition. These are due at the time of enrollment.


Parents must give the teacher the necessary information upon enrollment (student name, EPIC ID number, etc). In the event a student's learning fund is insufficient to cover the tuition, parents are responsible for the difference in payment, payable by the next month's tuition deadline.

Our teachers reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any EPIC-funded student if she feels it is not in the best interest of the student or the program.

Teachers may charge a service fee of $75 for the time spent creating any ancillary reports required by your EPIC teacher of record. EPIC Learning Funds cannot be used to cover this expense.

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