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Intro to Literary Analysis & Composition

Comprehensive English class including intensive writing, grammar, and literature



Brenda Gassett


Class size:

minimum 6, maximum 16


Additional fees:



Class time: (Meets once/week)

(Tues-2) 10:10-11:30,  (Tues-4) 1:30-2:50

(Wed-2) 10:10-11:30,  (Wed-4) 1:30-2:50


Pre-requisites for class:



Graduation requirement:

1 English credit

  • Course Description

Students will be taught how to analyze elements of literature: setting, plot, characterization, imagery, allusions, parallelism, and much more. Students will establish a solid grounding in literary analysis – what to look for when we read a work of literature, the literary devices commonly used by authors and why they work well, and how authors succeed in conveying tone, theme, character irony, point of view, and so forth. Using the IEW writing curriculum, students will broaden their composition skills by examining model essays in various genres by the student and published writers. Through in-depth planning, organizing, drafting, revising, proofreading, and feedback, they hone their writing skills. Students will also build on their grammar, usage, and mechanics skills with an in-depth study of sentence analysis and structure, agreement, and punctuation utilizing the IEW Fix It Grammar program. This intensive grammar program is excellent in preparing students for the ACT/SAT exam.

  • Required Books & Materials

The following can be ordered from


Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis


[Student Book only]  $29

ISBN: 978-0-9801005-1-8

Order at

Fix It! Grammar: Level 5, Frog Prince
[4th edition / Jan 22]  $19
ISBN: 978-1-62341-365-1
Order at


Jane Eyre.jpg

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte
[any edition]


To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

[any edition]

  • Binder with tabs to be labeled: notes, grammar, literature, writing, tests

  • Pens, highlighters

  • Post it notes

  • Notebook paper

  • Classwork / Homework

Class activities/assignments: Students will engage in a variety of individual and group projects to develop team skills, communication skills, and public speaking skills. The students will learn note-taking skills, study skills, and test taking skills. Weekly assignments will include grammar and writing. Literary analysis will be integrated through the weekly writing assignments.

Approximate time for homework each week outside of class: 5-6 hours

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.

IMPORTANT: All high school English classes have a rotating curriculum. The curriculum is incremental and builds upon the previous year. This enables students to fulfill all their English graduation requirements.

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