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Life Science

Introduction to botany, anatomy, and zoology



Kim Heinecke /


Class time:

8:45-10:05 or 10:10-11:30


Approximate homework time:

1-1.5 hours


Pre-requisites for class:



Additional fees:

$50 lab fee/year 


Graduation requirement:

Lab Science credit

  • Course Description

Students will engage in class discussions, independent study, and hands-on experiments using the scientific method.​

The World of Plants: Discover the Creator’s handiwork as you study the beauty and intricacy of seeds, leaves, and flowers. Explore trees, fungi, algae, unusual plants, moss, and more. Grow, observe, and experiment with plants.

The Human Body: The human body is an incredibly complex and created wonder. Learn about the amazing functions of each system and understand that you are made in God’s image. Create models and observe simple dissection (cow/sheep heart and lungs, etc.)

The World of Animals: Discover how each animal was designed by God to be unique, from mammals and slimy frogs to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria. Classify and observe the animal world.

  • Classwork / Homework

Class time will consist of guided note taking, group discussions, and hands-on activities. Throughout the week, students will complete reading assignments, answer study questions, and record observations from class experiments. All of the material will first be introduced in class.  Students will print the homework that is posted weekly to Google Classroom.

Parents of 7th grade students may choose to have their student complete the bonus assignment each week for an additional challenge.

  • Required Books & Materials
life science.jpg
  • textbook

  • 3-ring notebook 

  • notebook paper 

  • colored pencils

  • (periodic) supervised internet access.

  • LED plant grow lightbulb*

  • Google account to access class website

*Instructor will send an email link to purchase the light bulb.  Approx $10

God’s Design for Life
ISBN: 9781683441410

Publisher: Master Books

Recommended Retailers: & Mardel

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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