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Girl with Bookshelves
$50 a month for each class (per student)*
  • Classes held on Wednesdays

  • 80-minute classes

  • Core subjects and electives

  • Choose up to 5 classes

  • Home extension assignments

  • College prep level classes

  • Subjects taught from a Christian worldview perspective

  • Experienced teachers 

  • Lunch space provided

  • Study hall period for breaks between classes

  • Cash, check, or credit cards accepted

The monthly tuition for classes is $50. Parents will make one monthly or semester payment to The Classroom Collective for all tuition, fees, and study hall. 

If the class does not enroll the minimum number of students required by the teacher, the enrollment fee is fully refundable. Students may drop classes by August 31 with no further tuition obligation.

Tuition is due on the first Wednesday of each month. You may pay online or with a check. Tuition may be paid per month or per semester.

*Some classes also have a one-time fee for lab materials or other consumables for the class. Upper math classes offer an optional mid-week tutoring opportunity through Zoom. Additional fees may apply. See class details for more information.

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