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The Classroom Collective 

For a limited time, TCC will take applications for spring semester, beginning October 31-November 17. Please visit our mid-year placement page to learn the details  before you begin the enrollment process.

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Never before have parents been faced with so many choices for educating their children.  Kids are all different, and so are your education options. Public, private, virtual, or in-home – which one is right for your family? Because the decision can be overwhelming, we're here to help!


The Classroom Collective is designed to offer structure and guidance to support your home education plan. This hybrid educational program provides students with age-appropriate instruction. We partner with parents for a well-rounded learning experience from a Christian worldview. 


Learn more about The Classroom Collective here and join our mailing list to receive updates.

"TCC has provided a high academic standard with teachers that encourage and foster a love for learning. Apart from providing excellent academics it has given my children a safe place to grow in their independence and make awesome friends. We love TCC!"

- LB, TCC Parent

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