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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll my student?
    Enrollment begins in late March for new students. You can find the details of our enrollment process here.
  • How will the enrollment application be evaluated?
    It is our desire to partner with families who share the same goals regarding a hybrid-homeschool program. The most successful students at TCC are those who: - Practice respectful and responsible behavior on campus - Demonstrate a willingness to learn - Participate in class - Complete the coursework as assigned by the instructor - Receive academic support from parents outside of the classroom New families will engage in an interview process (either in-person or virtual video conference) as part of the enrollment application process. References will be checked, including previous participation with other coop or school programs. TCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in the admissions policies.
  • How many classes are required?
    We do not require a minimum number of classes for enrollment. Many of our students will enroll in multiple classes to satisfy more core requirements. It's a great opportunity for kids to develop relationships with one another in a safe environment. If your student has a break in his/her schedule, we will offer a study hall area in which kids can do homework, prepare for the next class, or catch up with friends.
  • How long are the classes?
    Our classes are 80 minutes each. This gives plenty of time for vibrant discussions, guided practice, and hands-on experiences. Your student will be engaged from start to finish each week. ​ Classes run from mid-August through the end of April. We will have a fall break, Thanksgiving break, and a three-week break for Christmas. We will also be off for a week for spring break. See the calendar for exact dates.
  • Is once per week enough time for in-class instruction?
    Yes. Think of The Classroom Collective as a university model. Students receive their instruction and participate in discussions and activities once each week and continue independent study on the other days. The work is laid out for each class in an easy-to-follow plan, enabling parents to take an active role in learning without the stress of creating the curriculum.
  • How do I check my student's grades?
    You may review your student's grades by logging into their individual Google Classroom site. Click the COURSEWORK tab, then click VIEW MY WORK. All of the work assigned and graded will be shown here. Grades are stored for 30 days after the end of the school year. TCC does not keep records of grades from year to year.
  • Can students with disabilities be part of TCC?
    With respect to students and prospective students with disabilities, it may be necessary for TCC to decline enrollment or re-enrollment to such students because the program is not equipped to provide services for the needs of students with certain disabilities that require modification of coursework. Students are required to be performing at or above grade level to enter 4th-grade classes.
  • How do I know if a class is right for my student?
    The best way to assess your child's readiness for a particular class is to refer to the course description and talk with the teacher. There are math placement tests if you're uncertain about your student's abilities, and our language arts teachers can help you determine the best fit for your child. We want all of our students to be successful, so we are committed to helping you make an informed decision about enrollment. Please begin those conversations with teachers before enrollment so that you are prepared to make the best course selections when you enroll. Schedule changes will incur a charge starting at $25.
  • How do I know if my 4th grader is ready?
    All students entering 4th grade must be nine years old by August 1, 2024 and must able to read independently on grade level. He/she should be comfortable in a classroom environment without a parent on site, and must demonstrate the maturity needed for an 80-minute time period. If you are uncertain if your student can handle the workload for a class, we encourage you to email the teacher for a candid discussion. It is the responsibility of the parent to determine if a student is ready for the coursework. If a student drops the course because they cannot perform at the academic level, it does not release you from the contracted financial obligation.
  • What if my student has behavioral difficulties?
    TCC does not provide accommodations or services for students with behavioral needs. Students who have had challenges or been asked to leave other programs for behavior issues may be denied enrollment with TCC until they have completed a successful year in another program.
  • What if my student needs academic modifications?
    Any academic modifications must be made at home. Students enrolled in the program are expected to participate in class and complete the coursework as assigned. Extra time for completing classwork or tests cannot be given due to the structure of the program. If your student has required academic modifications in the past, this must be disclosed before enrollment to determine if this is a good fit for both parties.
  • Do I have to commit for a whole year?
    Yes. Space is limited and our teachers begin preparing for the year - long before it begins. We require each family to make a year-long commitment.
  • Do parents have to volunteer?
    It is for the safety of the students and the care of the facility that we schedule parent volunteers. We ask for you to volunteer up to three half-days each semester, depending on the number of classes your family chooses. You'll be assigned to oversee the lunch area, monitor the halls, or entry door. Outside of your volunteer time, you will not be required to remain on campus during class time. If you are unable to volunteer in-person, you may select the opt-out option each semester.
  • Are you a registered non-profit?
    Yes. TCC is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. As a non-profit, we can receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Our donor partners are vital to the strength of our infrastructure and allow TCC to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. If you would like to join our mission with a financial gift, please visit our donor page.
  • Are you an EPIC vendor?
    No. TCC is not an EPIC vendor. The Classroom Collective does not accept payments from EPIC Learning Funds. Any information required by EPIC is the responsibility of the student's parent. Additionally, TCC instructors do not provide EPIC instructors with student reporting, Google Classroom logins, or copies of work completed. If you are an EPIC family, please be sure these courses are acceptable to your current EPIC requirements. The financial commitment is for a full year, regardless of unexpected EPIC academic requirement changes.
  • Are you an accredited school?
    No. TCC is a hybrid educational program that serves homeschooled families. Our teachers are independent contractors with experience in their subject areas. The Classroom Collective operates much like an accredited institution but since students are not required to take all core subjects as a condition of enrollment, TCC does not meet the requirements for accreditation.
  • Can I claim the Parental Choice Tax Credit?
    Please refer to for guidelines and instructions regarding the Parental Choice Tax Credit. Other questions about tax credits for homeschool families should be directed to your tax assistant or accountant. From The credit for tax year 2024 will be claimed on the 2024 Oklahoma income tax return, which will be filed in 2025. Please refer to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s FAQs for more information. TCC does not qualify as a private school. Please keep your invoices that will be emailed to you as proof of payment for tuition and expenses as we do not generate end-of-the-year statements.
  • When did TCC begin?
    The Classroom Collective began in 2021. Since inception, we have grown over 200%, expanding to serve over 300 families representing over 500 students in Edmond, OKC, and surrounding areas. Because students are not on campus at the same time, we can serve this number of students while maintaining the feel of a small, intimate program. Our leadership team has a combined total of over 50 years of homeschooling and public school experience.
  • Are students required to use the TCC-issued Google account?
    Students are required to use the TCC-issued Google account to access their Google Classroom and email correspondence with teachers.
  • How do I get a TCC Google account?
    Once your student is officially accepted into the program, we will create a TCC Google account to be used for accessing classroom work. These will be issued in August.
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