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Our Team 


Robin Storch | Co-Founder, Executive Director

Robin Storch has been homeschooling her children for more than a decade. She is certified to teach Language Arts in Oklahoma and Texas, and has taught at several different homeschool coops. Her favorite food is the avocado mixed with lime juice, red onion, cilantro, and a bag of tortilla chips. It's guacamole. Guacamole is her favorite food. 

Middle School Study Skills 5-6, 7-8 | Genius Hour 7-8

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Kim Heinecke | Co-Founder, Administrative Director

Kim is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a degree in education. She has taught across grades 3-12 and has homeschooled kids for nine years.  When she isn't learning random bits of science trivia, she can be found cheering her kids on at sports and pretending to understand the rules of the game. She and her husband have finally reached the halfway point of raising four sons.

5-6 STEM Adventure Challenge  |  Oklahoma History

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Julie Smith | Social Media / Volunteer Director

Julie is a University of Central Oklahoma graduate with a degree in Communications/Public Relations.  She has been in the homeschool community for 15 years in is now retired due to graduating her youngest in 2023. Julie is known for many odd jobs in her lifetime. She was once an au pair, a bus driver, and a roady for a national tour group. The most fun thing she is known for is being a voice actor for Veggie Tales. If you have seen Mo and the Big Exit or The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's you've experienced just a taste of her silliness! 

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Laura Kaye Noland | Administrative Assistant

Laura Kaye has degrees from both the University of Oklahoma and Langston University. Currently, she serves as a sponsor for the Central Oklahoma Homeschool Honor Society.  She has been homeschooling for 10+ years and her hobbies include reading, watching movies, hunting down good deals, and traveling (before she had 4 kids).  You may not want her as a math tutor, but if you need help getting organized she’s your gal!

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Pamela Donahoo | Instructor

Pamela Donahoo is a TX & OK Certified Spanish teacher who began learning Spanish in Puerto Rico at age 8. She has lived in New Mexico, Guatemala, and South Korea; served on mission in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Russia; and visited Peru. She has taught Spanish for 25 years in public and private schools, as well as Bible & social studies courses. She also has served as translator in Spanish Baptist churches and on many mission trips.


Introduction to Spanish 5-7

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Jennifer Edmunson | Instructor

Jennifer Edmunson homeschooled for 11 years. She has now graduated all 3 of her kids {insert Mel Gibson yelling "Freeeeeedom!" as William Wallace}.  She has a History degree from Oklahoma Christian with minors in Political Science and French.  She has taught French to Littles and History/Humanities/Latin to Junior High through High School in several coops.  She is a Library Commissioner for the Oklahoma County Library; she WILL ask you if you have a library card and if you have downloaded all the apps.  She geeks out over learning anything.  She too likes the Guac.

High School History  |  Latin 1 & 2

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Brenda Gassett | Instructor

Brenda is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University where she received her BA degree. After 17 years of homeschooling and graduating her fourth child, she has continued to pursue her passion for teaching. For more than 19 years Brenda has been teaching various English classes and business classes in private settings, in various co-ops, as well as with Epic. She brings a creative spin to teaching by making literature come to life. One of her many goals is to not only instill a love for literature and writing but to prepare students for college. When Brenda is not buried in her books, you will find her cruising around in her red Jeep, camping, or hanging out at Starbucks.

English Literature & Composition 1-2  |   College Prep Writing Intensive

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Monica Kilhoffer | Instructor

Monica, though a diehard born and bred Sooner fan, is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction. She has lived in South Africa and has traveled to more than 23 countries and six continents. It is on her bucket list to visit Antarctica to get the seventh. Monica is married to Mike and they have four children and two daughters-in-love. Monica is entering her 15th year of homeschooling, and her number one goal when teaching is to reignite the thrill of discovery and instill a love of learning that will continue for a lifetime. 

7-8 Science  |   Physical Science

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Tara Klutts | Instructor

Tara is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University and has been teaching students how to become “math-magicians” for more than 15 years.  She has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus in a variety of classroom settings.  Her passions (other than math) include gardening, traveling with her family, and hanging out with her chickens.

Geometry  |  Algebra 2  |  STEAM   |  Advanced Math

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Toyra LeBlanc | Instructor

Toyra is a graduate of Strayer University, where she received a MBA degree. She has homeschooled her youngest daughters for 5+ years. Prior to homeschooling she served in the US Military for 20+ years in HR. She is dedicated to creating a fun learning atmosphere to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and life skills for students. Her hobbies include reading, crafts, couponing, and thrifty shopping.

Economics/Personal Finance  |   Intro to Business

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Jennifer Madison | Instructor

Jennifer has been an educator at various homeschool coops for the last 14 years and has homeschooled her own children for more than 20. A complete science nerd, she can often be found geeking out over gadgets or going down the science video rabbit hole for six hours straight. Her passion is to make science fun, engaging, and every student’s favorite class. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of Science degree from OU Health Sciences Center. She is a firm believer that pineapple belongs on pizza, and that pizza makes the best breakfast. She loves her family, dogs, the lake, dogs, coffee, dogs, and teaching. And dogs.

5-6th Science

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Courtney Mize | Instructor

Courtney’s ultimate passion is her family. She and her husband, Curtis, have homeschooled their five children for a decade...three graduated, two to go! From educating to leading, Courtney has served in different capacities at various church and co-op settings covering a variety of age groups. Over the course of ten years, she has taught many different subjects; and while she loved each of them, Art is her passion! Courtney’s main goal is to encourage confidence and create an atmosphere of fun. She loves iced vanilla lattes, a good joke, and has the ability to turn pretty much anything into a song! 

4-5 Art   |    6-8 Art

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Misty Montgomery | Instructor

Misty enjoys learning.  She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, Texas A & M University, and the University of Oklahoma College of Law.   Misty is a fan of her three kids, her husband, great stories, new experiences, people, and Diet Coke.  She loves helping people discover what makes them special and watching them share that with the world.  She has snuck into a red carpet event and met Tom Hanks, but she has also been escorted from the VIP section of a local one-ring circus. 

7-8 History  |   Government   |  Speech

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Caroline Morris | Instructor

Caroline is a graduate of Duke University with BA in Psychology and holds a Master's degree (MEd) from Vanderbilt University in Human Development Counseling.  She has loved being involved in the college preparation process for students since 2015 when she began teaching an ACT Prep class.  She is married to David and the mother of four kids who keep her life interesting and her calendar full!  Caroline loves watching her kids compete in their sports, attempting to grow things in her garden, and distance running with David.

ACT Prep

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Lisa Myers | Instructor

Lisa has a degree in education from OSU as well as a Masters in Reading Education from UCO. Teaching in public school as a reading specialist for seven years helped prepare her for her own family's journey in homeschooling for the past seven years.  Her four children keep her on her toes! In her spare time, you will find her listening to podcasts, doing (yet another load of) laundry, taking the kids for ice cream and dreaming of the places she and her husband will someday go. Her passion is creating a learning environment that excites students to learn about the world God has created.

4-6 History

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Michelle O'Hair | Instructor

Michelle graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a Bachelor's degree in Education with a math endorsement. She has taught for more than 15 years and has taught homeschool math classes for more than a decade. She loves to plan and go on vacations, spend time with her family, and can cook up a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies.  


Pre-Algebra  |  Algebra 1

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Tabitha Raymond | Instructor

Tabitha Raymond homeschooled her two children from kindergarten through high school. She received a degree in Elementary Education from Southern Nazarene University and has taught several different subjects in co-ops over the years including art, writing, and speech. She hopes to help students better organize their own time, study smarter, and learn some do's and don'ts of etiquette in the 5/6th grade Study Skills Class.  For Beginning Language Arts, she loves to encourage reading and help students with their knowledge of grammar and writing in a fun, relaxed environment.  In Building Blocks of Math, she will work with students to hone in on their math facts so they can confidently move to a higher level of math.  Her loves are lake time with her family, art, and reading. 


4-5 Beginning Language Arts    4-5 Study Skills      

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Melinda Rushing | Instructor

Melinda is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University. She has been teaching private piano and voice lessons for 20 years. She has taught music at a local private school for the past 3 years. She has directed many musicals and music programs over the past decade and thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of music and drama with her students. She loves crafting, gardening and spending time with her family. Melinda has a sister who is also a teacher at TCC. Can you guess who it is? 


Drama & Music

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Monique Sanderson | Instructor

Monique Sanderson, a graduate of Southern Nazarene University, has been homeschooling, teaching in a co-op, and teaching as a private tutor for more than a decade. She loves helping students learn to communicate clearly through writing, and is passionate about helping them develop a love for learning and preparing them to be successful adults.  She is a big fan of peonies and polka dots. Outside of school, you will probably find her pounding the piano keys or paddling across a lake in her kayak.


Advanced Language Arts 7-8

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Erin Simms | Instructor

Erin Simms is a second generation homeschooler and was solely homeschooled for her compulsory years. She graduated from Oklahoma City University and has taught at both home and co-ops for 17 years. Erin enjoys working out, walking, and reading, although most of the time she’s a full time cook, taxi driver and maid, like all of you. She has four children and has been married to her husband Jon for 24 years. 


Spotlight on Science  |  Intermediate Language Arts 5-6

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Jaime Waldenville | Instructor

Jaime and her husband, Jason, began homeschooling two of their three children 12 years ago. Their family has attended a local homeschool co-op for 11 of those years, where Jaime has taught math classes at the middle school and high school levels. She loves connecting relationally with her students, and helping them build a solid math foundation in order to successfully move to the next level. When she’s not teaching, Jaime loves spending time with family and friends, and will never turn down a chance to eat good Mexican food!


4-5 Math  |   Intermediate Math

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Natalie Witcher | Instructor

Natalie has been married to JT for 25 years. They have chosen to homeschool their children since 2003 and have successfully graduated two daughters and have two more kids to go! Natalie is passionate about teaching the Word of God to all ages. She has written and taught on many topics and received a Master of Theological Studies from Regent University in 2019.

Bible |  Apologetics

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Becky Zajac | Instructor

Becky has been homeschooling her four children for more than 17 years. She has taught out of her home as well in co-op settings and is always excited to teach. She is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Biology as well as a degree from OU in Nursing. Her passion is science, and when she is not teaching or planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you can find her working as a nurse in a surgical hospital in Edmond. She loves God, her family, camping, and did I mention Disney? Her goal is to have fun while encouraging a love of learning.


Biology  |  Chemistry  |  Anatomy  | Astronomy

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Stephanie Zerr | Instructor

Stephanie has been teaching Spanish to students for more than15 years in public and homeschool settings. With a masters degree in bilingual and TESL education from the University of Central Oklahoma, she brings a dynamic interactive approach to her classes. When she isn't at home supervising the education of her five children, she is busy squeezing in hikes, time on a yoga mat and eating the darkest chocolate she can find.


Spanish I and II

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Board of Directors:

Deleise Klaassen, Heather McAnear, Cindy Beall


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