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Algebra 2

Expansion of skills learned in Algebra 1



Tristin Pitts


Class size:

minimum 8, maximum 16


Additional fees:



Class options: (Meets once/week)

(Tues-1) 8:45-10:05, (Tues-3) 12:05-1:25

(Wed-2) 10:10-11:30, (Wed-4) 1:30-2:50


Pre-requisites for class:

Algebra 1, Geometry 


Graduation requirement:

1 math credit

  • Course Description

The objective of this course is to empower and equip students with the confidence and knowledge they will need to succeed in their future educational endeavors. A sampling of topics covered in the course is listed below.


Modeling on the Coordinate Plane

In Algebra 1 students learned how to model the equation of a line on a coordinate plane. In Algebra 2, the students will expand their knowledge to include quadratic, polynomial, trigonometric, and conic equations. All of this learning will culminate in the spring semester with a digitally rendered art piece created using the rules they have learned throughout the year.


Solving Advanced Equations

Have you heard the joke, “Why are math teachers like pirates?” It’s because they are always obsessed with finding X. It might be a terrible joke, but it certainly is true that in Algebra 2 your student will be asked to find x. A lot. They may not find buried treasure by the end of the year, but they will have learned how to solve equations of all shapes and sizes.

  • Classwork / Homework
  • Required Books & Materials

Algebra 2

ISBN: 978-0618250202

Publisher: McDougal Littell

Amazon and Abe Books

*You may purchase the text, or your student can access a digital version in Google Classroom.

  • Pencils, pens, highlighters

  • Composition notebook

  • College ruled paper (spiral or a 3 ring binder)

  • Calculator (TI-30xs or higher), graphing calculator optional

  • Periodic access to internet programs on a computer or tablet

Classwork will include guided note-taking, traditional problem solving, critical thinking activities, and applied projects. Students will spend approximately 3-4 hours per week on homework assignments.

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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