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Computer Applications

Practical use of Google applications and internet technology



Courtney Mize


Class size:

minimum 6, maximum 16


Additional fees:



Class time:

(Tues-1) 8:45-10:05

(Wed-4) 1:25-2:50


Pre-requisites for class:



Graduation requirement:

1 Elective credit

  • Course Description

This course will help students learn essential computer applications and Internet technology skills for personal, academic, and professional success. Through Google applications, students will learn to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, online meetings, etc. Through a compare & and contrast approach, we will examine applications through the different software options. Each student will use their assigned TCC Gmail account for this class.

Additional topics:

  • Digital Terminology

  • Email Management

  • Digital Ethics & Safety

  • MLA Format

  • Artificial Intelligence & Chat GPT

  • Social Media Safety

  • Digital Footprint

We will focus on enhancing skills such as:

  • Creativity-Design-Formatting

  • Ethics & Safety

  • Compare/Contrast Organization

  • Digital Management

  • Presentation-Professionalism

  • Required Books & Materials
  • Laptop computer & charger

  • Headphones or earbuds (not required, but can be used at instructor's discretion)

  • Pen or pencil

  • Classwork / Homework

Each week, our class time will be spent exploring Google Applications and discussing how these tools are best utilized for our personal and professional growth. Students will follow the instructor’s projected screen in real time on their computer while we dig into each application. Digital safety will be discussed in different ways on a regular basis.

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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