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Getting To Know Natalie Witcher

by: Heather McAnear


Welcome back to the spring semester! Our school year is moving right along, and I'm starting to think about what classes my son needs for next year. I hope you plan to make TCC your enrichment program in 2023-24. One class I plan on enrolling him in is the Bible class taught by Natalie Witcher. My daughter is currently taking the class, and learning so much. Let's get to know a little bit about Mrs. Witcher and the class she teaches at TCC.


Heather: Natalie, thank you for taking the time to let the TCC Community get to know you. Please tell us a little bit about your family. 


Natalie: JT and I have been married for 25 years. We have four kids. Piper (24) married to Nick. Paige (22) is a junior at Mid-America Christian University, Phoebe (15) is a Freshman at TCC, and Pierce (12) is in 7th grade. 


H: Please tell us about the classes you teach at TCC. 


N: I teach High School Bible. I focus on not only what is in the Scripture, but how to study it well with integrity, the right heart, and the right tools and resources. 


H: How long have you taught Bible classes? 


N: Over 20 years. I earned a Master's in Theological Studies and will begin my Ph.D. in Bible Exposition at Liberty University this fall. 


H: What do you like most about teaching the Bible?


N:  What I like most about teaching the Bible is hearing these kids go "Ohhhh!"  I love watching them come alive to the Word as well as discover how to learn and study the Scripture beyond the normal "what's in it for me" lens. 


H: What do you like about the TCC education model? 


N: As a homeschool parent, I love this model because it's a partnership. I have graduated two kids already and struggled through those upper-classmen courses where I felt inadequate. Thankfully, at TCC, I know my kids are being taught by people who not only know their subject and can teach it well, but love and care for my kids and want them to be successful, well-rounded people.


H: How can parents best support you?


N: I want my student's parents to know what we're learning in class. I think the best way they can support me is by supporting their student, knowing what they are learning, and making sure they keep up with their work. I only have them one day and it takes this great partnership with their parent to ensure they are getting everything they need. 


H: Could you share one of your favorite methods to study Scripture or a passage that has impacted you most?


N: One of my favorite things to do is word studies. I love looking up a word in Greek or Hebrew and discovering all the ways it is used across the whole counsel of the Scripture. This helps me gain a large, sweeping perspective on what God is saying across time and through the Scripture. It helps put into view the larger purposes and plans of God. 


Thank you, Natalie, for letting us get to know you. I love the fact that we offer an incredible class like this for our students. TCC helps our kids develop not only intellectually, but also spiritually. This is an enrichment well worth the investment. I don't know about the readers, but I'm encouraged to go dive into my own Bible and watch God's Word come alive. 

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