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Celebrating Our First Graduating Class

By Heather McAnear


As we wrap up the school year this month, we will hold our first TCC graduation ceremony, with eighteen graduates. It has been exciting to be a part of the beginning stages of The Classroom Collective and watch as the program continues to grow and partner with families on their schooling journey. As we look toward graduation, I wanted to share some encouragement from four of our senior moms. To those of you still in the trenches of raising and schooling your children - whether you are barely starting out or nearing the finish line - I think you’ll appreciate these nuggets of truth…and if you’re like me, you might need a tissue. 


As you think about the journey of raising your children, what is one piece of advice you would give a mom of younger ones?


Julie: Let your kids see you having fun. It makes you human to them. 


Sarah: Remember that the time spent enjoying your children, introducing them to Jesus, and shaping their character is truly the most important thing! Your kids will learn what they need to learn, don’t stress! 


Robin: Be patient. This is a marathon not a sprint. Growth happens for every child, but maybe not in the way or time you expected. They will be wonderful and delightful adults! Trust yourself. Trust them. Most of all, trust the work of the Spirit. 


Heather: Remember that each child is different and you have the opportunity to school them and help them in the ways best for them individually. You are the “expert” on your own kids - you can advocate for them, and pray for the Spirit’s wisdom as you raise them.


How have you benefited most from being a part of homeschool groups, co-ops and enrichment programs over the years?


J: My benefit was by making lifelong friendships. The bonus is that kids have done the same! 


S: Our family has loved having a like-minded homeschool community through co-ops and enrichment programs. Our best friends have come from these groups! It is also so helpful to have teachers & friends take some of the teaching load off of me. 


R: I have always loved the community and opportunities for my kids to meet other students, make friends, and learn from other adults. 


H: It has been a blessing to live life with some of our best friends, and like-minded families. I also love having other moms pour their passion and experience into our children, picking up slack where I am lacking… and I’d be lying if I didn't mention that having a break gave me a chance to re-fuel.


What is one thing you loved most about being able to homeschool your children?


J: I have a whole picture of the women I have helped to create and their picture is simply lovely.


S: My favorite part of homeschooling is getting to spend so much time together as a family. I love being the primary person who teaches them, answers their questions and listens to their thoughts. It has also been incredibly helpful to be able to tailor my children’s education to their specific needs.


R: I will never ever regret the time it allowed us to spend together every day. We, as parents, were able to pour into our children more than any other adults.


H: My answer is two-fold: educationally, I loved being able to create a yearly education plan specific for the needs of each child. Relationally, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that we were able to spend so much time together. Time really is a precious commodity…and on this side of the “homeschool” equation, even with all the time we shared, it is still unreal that it’s gone so fast. 

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