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Advanced Language Arts

Experiencing literature, literary analysis, grammar, writing

2-yr rotating curriculum, suitable for enrollment multiple years


Class size:

minimum 8, maximum 16


Additional fees:



Class time: (Meets once/week)

(Tues-2) 10:10-11:30   (Tues-4) 1:30-2:50

(Wed-2) 10:10-11:30   (Wed-3) 12:05-1:25

(Wed-4) 1:30-2:50


Pre-requisites for class:

*See below


Graduation requirement:


  • Course Description

The focus of this course will be the advanced understanding of grammar concepts, experiencing great writing through great literature, and the basics of literary analysis such as character development, setting, theme, and symbolism. 


In addition, writing will be taught using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) methodology and a Greek or Latin root word will be taught each week to increase vocabulary and comprehension. 


PRE-REQUISITES: Students must have an understanding of the parts of speech and noun functions (subject, direct object, indirect object, predicate nominative, object of the preposition, appositives, and noun of direct address). If you are unsure if this class or the Intermediate Language Arts will be a better fit for your student, please contact the instructor. 


2-YEAR ROTATION:  This class is designed to be a comprehensive language arts program for your student’s current level. It will expand their skills to the next level. This 7-8th grade course rotation will prepare them for High School English classes.  In each grade their Language Arts class reviews and builds their knowledge, understanding, and usage of grammar, literature, and writing. The curriculum rotates to ensure that your student will not repeat textbooks or novels when taking the class again for the next grade level.  Each year is a new year with new books.  


  • Classwork / Homework

Class periods will consist of grammar lessons, including learning and drilling new concepts, reviewing the literature, learning a root word, and understanding writing through the IEW program.

Homework will include grammar practice, writing assignments, reading the assigned literature and answering questions, and vocabulary development.  Students will be responsible for homework each week as well as one project per novel. 


Homework time commitment will be approximately one to three hours per week.

  • Required Books & Materials

Fix It! Grammar 

Level 3, Robin Hood

Student Book

ISBN: 978-1-62341-361-3

Fourth Edition, January 2022


Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level B

[Binder & Student Packet]

ISBN: 978-1-62341-507-5

First Edition, November 2019

SFR ALA Y4.jpg

The Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann Wyss
ISBN: 978-1591940562

BB ALA Y4.jpg

The Bronze Bow

by Elizabeth George Speare

ISBN: 978-0395137192

COB ALA Y4.jpg

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

by Jean Lee Latham

ISBN: 978-0618250745

JSS ALA Y4.jpg

Just So Stories

 by Rudyard Kipling

ISBN: 979-8810991656

  • Notebook paper

  • Pens (blue or black only), pencil

  • Scannable app (or another scanning app of your choice)

  • Internet access

  • Printer for homework

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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