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Spanish 1

Build a foundation in grammar, vocabulary, culture, and conversation



Stephanie Zerr


Class size:

minimum 8, maximum 16


Additional fees:

$10 materials fee


Class time: (Meets once/week)

(Tues-1) 8:45-10:05   (Tues-3) 12:05-1:25

(Wed-1) 8:45-10:05   (Wed-3) 12:05-1:25


Pre-requisites for class:



Graduation requirement:

1 foreign language credit

Mid-Year Enrollment: You must contact the instructor for approval prior to enrollment. Space is limited. The instructor does not have the ability to add students to a full class.

  • Course Description

This class is designed to meet the requirements for a first-year high school Spanish course.  


Using ACTFL standards of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities, this class will provide a sound grammatical and conversational foundation for the first-year Spanish student while seeking to build connections to their home, community, and the world beyond.  


This course combines formal grammar and vocabulary instruction with a high emphasis on conversational proficiency.  I aim to lay a strong academic foundation while providing numerous opportunities for students to interact with new language structures in context.  This class is highly interactive and will focus on giving your student as much practice as possible both speaking and listening to the language.  This class will teach the skills needed for success in Spanish II and beyond.

  • Required Books & Materials

La Araña y Los Elefantes 

by Adriana Ramirez

Soy yo.jpg

Soy Yo, La Mosca

by Adriana Ramirez

Both of these readers will be used in Spanish I and II in different capacities.


Instructor will provide access to online materials with videos, google slides, etc.

  • 1 spiral-bound index card

  • 1.5" 3-ring binder

  • Pen/pencil

  • Colored pencils

  • Printer access

  • Classwork / Homework

Each class period will vary activities to accommodate the objectives for that week.  


Classes will include homework reviews, introduction of new grammar concepts, conversational practice, videos, stories, games, listening activities, reading, writing, cultural studies, quizzes and tests.  


Students will be responsible for memorizing unit vocabulary and grammar concepts and studying any accompanying subject matter for quizzes and unit tests


Home study will include written work as well as time spent listening to audio or video. There will also be occasional country/culture studies.

Time spent on home study will vary from student to student.  Students should interact with the language when not in class through daily homework and review sessions.  


Approximate study time 2-3 hours a week

Contact the instructor if you have additional questions.
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